Remove Warts, Moles, Skin Tags, Blackheads And Spots – Naturally

At some age, we start to notice skin changes and issues like tags, warts, moles and big pores, blackheads and more. This is due to hormone changes and bad lifestyle habits.

No doubt, we have many cosmetics on the market that promise to cleanse the skin and make it perfect. But they are not cheap and the results last short.

To avoid such chemicals and save money, use natural items. Make them at home and save money too.


They show in both young and old people and are small groupings of melanocytes (skin pigments) caused by genes and sun.
Garlic is great for this issue. Before using this, surround the mole with petroleum jelly or tape. Then put the garlic over the mole and cover this with a bandage for 4 hours. Repeat daily.
Also try castor oil and baking soda. Make a paste of this and put it on the mole, then put a bandage. Remove and rinse in the morning. Apply this 2 times daily.Try ACV too. Soak cotton ball in the ACV and put a bandage over the area. After 8 hours, remove.


They appear due to the HPV virus and are like mucus bumps on the skin. Mostly, they are removed with freezing or salicylic acid but even with duct tape sometimes. Try to rub the wart with a peel of banana for 2 weeks. Or rub honey every night and secure with bandage. Dip cotton in ACV and secure with bandage again for 24 hours and after this, replace with new cotton. Get garlic juice and use it for 2 weeks with bandage, 2 times daily.


These are growths on the skin that appear suddenly mostly on chest, eyelids, neck and armpits. This is when we rub the skin on other skin. They can be tied off, frozen or cut but also try other things. Soaked cotton in ACV and removed after a few days. Soaked cotton in tea tree oil diffused with water. Put bandage over this and do it 3 times per month. Mix castor oil and baking soda and secure with bandage. This paste is refrigerated for 2 days, so repeat 3 times per day.


They appear with age, mostly on face, hands and forearms. This is mostly due to sun exposure. Also, liver issues. Try to bleach them with lemon juice and cotton. Or get fresh aloe and place it on the spots for half an hour, but use only raw fresh gel. Blend and juice onion and put it on the skin. After 15 min rinse and do this 2 times daily. Or mix vinegar and horseradish for applying. Lastly, get chemical free vitamin C serum for topical use.


They are buildups on the skin making it dirty and bumpy. It is not serious, but it looks unappealing. Try exfoliating with sugar to clear the pores. Mix lemon and sugar for a paste and rub it with cotton ball, so use as lotion in the end. For cleaner pores, wash the face and bend over steam. Cover the head with a towel and inhale. After 20 min, apply ACV and cream.