CIA on The Scientist’s Doorstep for Discovering That Cancer Can Be Naturally Cured

Colin Campbell is an American scientist that relentlessly looks for a natural way to cure cancer. He looks for the reasons why cancer appears and his consummate researches lie on his own beliefs about nutrition.

His struggle is exactly this, to go public and fight for his beliefs that are widely misunderstood a judged by the government’s dietary guidelines or to continue with his job and academic career as a tenure professor at a prestigious university.

According to his studies the consumption of animal products like fish, dairy, meat and other can trigger chronic diseases and poses a great threat to the general human well being and to the environment. In addition he has found a connection between the milk protein, casein and breast cancer. This has been his life purpose and ambition for many years and according to him, the government has attacked the wrong enemy.

Nevertheless he continuously tries to find a deeper connection and is very bunt about his researches and findings no matter the other opinions.

Soon after his return from China and the publication of these results and information the CIAknocked on his doorstep. He basically rules out the Paleo diet, Atkins diet and other high protein based diets.

According to him these diets are just made by famous people and do not work at all. Other than that they are not affordable for everyone and a cure that important should be for everyone and not only those that can buy and afford all the expensive foods and pharmaceuticals.

For this purpose he bravely states that the solution and utmost cure for cancer is at the end of a fork.

According to his lifelong research:

“A diet high in animal products and proteins can only increase the carcinogens and the cancer risk inside the body. Other ways of eating and nutrition can be highly beneficial not only for anti-cancer effects but for the general human health and the cholesterol levels, blood pressure, sugar levels and diabetes.”